Phytomer introduces DOUCEUR INTEMPORELLE Restorative Shield Cream

Saturday, June 6th, 2015


Available in select spas in the United States and at

Phytomer’s DOUCEUR INTEMPORELLE Restorative Shield Cream provides immediate soothing to sensitive and reactive skin while battling the weakening threat of inflammaging, aging directly caused by inflammation. This restorative cream is formulated with star ingredient GLYCOSEA, a complex of restructuring plankton sugars derived via biotechnology in a complex of soothing minerals and trace elements. GLYCOSEA works to reduce the appearance of red patches and prickling sensations as soon as it’s applied, while working to preserve the cell’s ability to regenerate, strengthening the skin’s physical and chemical barriers. The skin is treated at the root of premature aging, restructured long-term, which enables skin to improve resistance against harmful agents that activate inflammation. Its lightweight, allergen-free formula is enriched with invisible green pearls to visibly cover redness while nourishing ingredients including Allatoin, Provitamins and Shea Butter leave skin feeling ultra comfortable. Impressive clinical test results available upon request.*

*measurement of volunteers by corneometry and self-scoring.

DOUCEUR INTEMPORELLE Restorative Shield Cream…50 ml, suggested retail price $ 125.50

Directions for use: Gently apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed face and neck. May be used alone or with the serum of your choice.

Key ingredients:

GLYCOSEA – Phytomer scientific innovation, GLYCOSEA is a high-tech marine infusion that consists of strengthening and restructuring plankton sugars from marine biotechnology combined in a complex of intensely soothing minerals and trace elements. A unique symbiosis of biomimetic ingredients, PHYTOMER scientists use it to instantly neutralize inflammation and strengthen the skin’s capacity to protect itself*
on a daily basis.

Allantoin and Vegetable Squalene – comforting and soothing actions.
Gylcerin, Provitamin B5, PCA and Urea Derivative – moisturizing properties and strengthening of the barrier function.
Ceramides, Shea Butter and Vegetable Oils – ideal lipid supply for nourishing and lipid- replenishing effect.
*In vitro test on the ingredient


Phytomer at a glance:

With over 40 years as the leader in the marine skin care, Phytomer is now a pioneer in the field of marine biotechnology, the future of results-oriented cosmetics. This is the newest technology to create innovative, 100% natural skin care ingredients. Based in Saint-Malo, France, and distributed in 70 countries worldwide, Phytomer has a reputation of leadership and expertise within the spa industry. With Phytomer meaning “plant of the sea,” we utilize seawater, seaweed or seaside plants in every retail and professional product, combining science with the natural powers of the sea. We are one of the only spa brands with our own laboratory, allowing us to research and cultivate our own ingredients, develop unique cosmetic formulas, manufacture skin care products and create cutting-edge professional treatments to deliver remarkable results.

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Dr. Stanley Jacobs introduces new feature-targeted facial procedures for patients seeking plastic surgery in the San Francisco area

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Healdsburg, California (PRWEB) April 29, 2015

Renowned facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs is introducing two all-new “mini” procedures targeting specific zones of the face and in so doing, is introducing a new concept to the field of facial cosmetic surgery, refining the idea of the traditional facelift in the San Francisco area: the ZoneLift. The Mini Neck Lift and the Mini Cheek Lift are two new procedures that are available now in his practice. For a candidate patient, the procedures deliver results to a target area of the face while shortening the healing time and reducing the cost—and both procedures may be done under local rather than general anesthetic.

“Less can absolutely be more,” Dr. Jacobs says of this approach. “My ZoneLift procedures, the Mini Neck and Mini Cheek Lifts, offer patients the flexibility to address a specific problem area without the need for a more comprehensive facelift. This is especially important since there are often patients who don’t need what a ‘full’ facelift has to offer.”

The new ZoneLift procedures were developed gradually over many years, but formally introduced as stand-alone procedures only recently in Dr. Jacobs’ practice. In reality, Dr. Jacobs has been delivering results on a zone basis for some time—each zone generally representing a component of a traditional deep plane facelift. Facial cosmetic surgeons naturally divide the surgical field into zones, and a deep plane facelift is the result of multiple zones being refined simultaneously, with the result being the sum of the changes made. For most patients, a facelift involves the neck, cheek, and jowl areas. Dr. Jacobs’ MiniLift procedure addresses the cheek and the jowl.

“My experience and the needs expressed by my patients drew me to this approach over time,” Dr. Jacobs says. “A patient would come in with what they termed ‘turkey neck’ and think they needed a facelift. But that was their only problem area, and when I explained that it could be addressed in a more area-specific way, they were thrilled. It just wasn’t what they expected.”

The ability to offer the new procedures under local anesthetic may be a significant factor for some patients. Local anesthetics shorten the patient’s immediate post-op period, since the patient is conscious throughout the procedure.

The targeting of the ZoneLift offers a variety of significant benefits to the patient:

A ZoneLift may be all that patients need to achieve the outcome they are looking for if one problem area is more of a concern than another
Injectables such as collagen, Restylane®, Botox® Cosmetic, and others have natural limits on what they can achieve for the patient, and a ZoneLift may be an alternative and more long-lasting way to address the problem area
The targeted approach may offer a patient the ability to address a problem area earlier, before a more complete facial cosmetic surgical approach might be considered
The neck is a problem area that cannot be addressed with injectables, so a Mini Neck Lift is the only way to address the neck while not undertaking a facelift
The recovery period for the patient is shorter, with a smaller surgical field and smaller incisions
The cost is notably lower as compared to a facelift procedure
Mini Cheek Lift and Mini Neck Lift may be done under local anesthetic

Dr. Stanley W. Jacobs is a triple-board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon who has specialized in facial cosmetic procedures for more than 25 years, performing more than 7,000 surgeries in that time. He is an elected House Delegate for the California Medical Association, a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and a published researcher and lecturer. He is the innovator of the SynergyLift™, Serial VectorLift™, and MiniLift procedures. His practice is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Care. In addition to his successful surgical practice, Dr. Jacobs is also CEO of Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care, a growing skin care company with products inspired by Ancient Egyptian formulas Dr. Jacobs deciphered from the Edwin-Smith Papyrus and refined to create new, modern formulas for tighter, youthful skin. Learn more about all of this, including his alternative to a full facelift in the San Francisco area, at His skin care website is Introduces New Natural Anti-Aging Skincare Product from 37 Extreme Actives

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 03, 2014

Ayla (, an online natural skinare boutique and San Francisco-based micro-shop, is introducing a new anti-aging treatment to its portfolio of natural skincare products: 37 Extreme Actives Neck and Décolletage High-Performance Anti-Aging Treatment. Formulated by Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, New York-based dermatologist, this product is an advanced all-in-one cream that delivers the largest number of actives in one single lotion treatment.

“We are very excited to introduce this new product to our 37 Extreme Actives fans and customers who are looking to expand their natural anti-aging skincare regimen,” stated Dara Kennedy, founder of Ayla. “This state-of-the-art treatment is one of the most powerful, effective anti-aging skincare products that we have come across. It combines non-toxic but potent anti-aging ingredients to produce truly visible results without causing any irritation or breakouts, and it is an ideal replacement for in-office dermatological procedures.”

The neck and décolletage tend to be the most neglected areas in skincare and are typically left out of daily regimens. However, the skin below the jawline is thin, and without extra care, it can age at a much faster rate than the face. These two areas of skin are where one could see signs of aging first, including sun damage, wrinkles, and loose skin. The Neck and Décolletage High-Performance Anti-Aging Treatment features a range of new and important actives to target elasticity and reverse sun damage—issues that are particularly common to the delicate areas of the neck and chest.

“There are a number of in-office procedures available to target aging of the neck and décolletage,” explains Dr. Macrene. “Research has shown that applying a host of anti-aging ingredients topically, twice daily and year-round, can outperform these in-office treatments.”

The Neck and Décolletage High-Performance Anti-Aging Treatment includes new vital ingredients to target elasticity, reduce the appearance of sun damage, and reverse the cosmetic damage caused by sugar and environmental pollutants. A few of the new ingredients include plant-derived DNA repair actives tyrosine, proline, and ATP, that have been shown to decrease UV-induced mutations to the skin by 66%; red algae extract to address the aging effects of telomerase; and palmitoyl hydroxyproline to improve elasticity.

To learn more or to purchase the Neck and Décolletage High-Performance Anti-Aging Treatment, please click here.

About Ayla

Ayla is an online beauty retailer and San Francisco-based micro-shop that offers consumers personal guidance for skincare that works. To ensure its customers get healthy, great-looking skin from the inside out, Ayla combines the best natural, organic, and “nasty-ingredient-free” products with expert recommendations and holistic skincare advice. Since 2011, has built a loyal following for its highly personalized and convenient experience. Ayla is a privately held company with headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique Introduces CoolSculpting Machines to Aesthetic Practice

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 26, 2014

Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique is excited to be one of the first aesthetic practices in Texas to provide two non-surgical fat reduction CoolSculpting machines. Unlike many offices that can only treat one area in an hour, Mirror Mirror has the ability to address two treatment areas at the same time. The beauty boutique can essentially cut the CoolSculpting treatment time in half.    

CoolSculpting is based around Cryolipolysis, a unique technique designed to erase stubborn layers of isolated fatty deposits. Two paddles, placed on either side of the target area, bring tissues down to an extremely low temperature. While the healthy tissues are unaffected, the fat cells are rendered lifeless, and are then naturally flushed away by the body.

Each area of the CoolSculpting procedure takes about one hour to complete. Mirror Mirror’s double machines means two areas, such as both love handles, arms or thighs, can be addressed during the same 60 minute time frame. There is no need for patients to take time away from their busy schedules to treat the ‘other half’ of an area.

Houston’s newest addition to the medi-spa scene, Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique is owned by Dr. Paul Vitenas, whose cosmetic surgery practice, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, shares the state-of-the-art and contemporary building. Through his meticulous attention to detail, the private setting offers unique luxuries such as a private entrance, Ulthera treatments, IPL treatments, the two CoolSculpting machines, and skin care products.

“Nothing we do at Mirror Mirror is ever by chance. We strive to meet the highest standards of cosmetic care,” Dr. Vitenas explains.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr. has over 25 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. He is highly sought after for his extensive skill and his reputation. His specialties include facelift, breast augmentation, body lift, liposuction, and tummy tuck.

The brand new office opened in early September, and has already proven itself to be among the most elite aesthetic practices in Houston, TX. Aside from CoolSculpting, Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique also offers a wide array of noninvasive procedures to revamp and revitalize the appearance, including Botox, Radiesse and Juvederm Voluma XC.

Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique is located off Richmond Avenue, between Greenway Plaza and The Galleria, in the heart of beautiful Houston, Texas. Patients can schedule a consultation by contacting the office at 281-810-9083; however, drop-ins are always welcome.


Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique

4208 Richmond

Suite 100

Houston, Texas 77027


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Naples Plastic Surgeon Introduces Pain-free Fat Removal Technique

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Naples, Florida (PRWEB) September 18, 2014

Dr. Andrea Basile, MD, one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the nation, has expanded his services at Basile Plastic Surgery to include Coolsculpting. This non-invasive technique is quickly becoming one of the most sought after treatments in the world for the removal of fat because of its lack of pain or strain.

According to Dr. Basile, Coolsculpting will greatly benefit those patients with body contouring concerns who do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure. He also said this procedure is ideal for people who are fit, but just need to address some “stubborn fat.”

“We have a lot of fans of the practice who are in good shape, but have one or two ‘trouble spots,’ and they have no time for surgery or the recovery that goes with it,” explained Dr. Basile. “Coolsculpting allows them to come in during their lunch hour for a treatment of the area, and weeks later that area has lost 25 percent of its volume.”

Coolsculpting reduces unwanted fat deposits by freezing the fat cells which patients have a difficult time removing through standard exercise and dieting. The fat is destroyed and eliminated naturally, leaving a more sculpted body contour. Fat cells are susceptible to freezing temperatures, and when they die, it does not affect the surrounding area. The body’s natural healing process then removes all of the dead cells. Dr. Basile said the best part for patients is Coolsculpting requires no needles, anesthesia, preparation or downtime for patients.

“We can finally help patients with one or more stubborn fat deposits. They can trim these areas without having to jump through the hurdles of surgery,” he said.

All treatments are done in the Basile Plastic Surgery office. Appointments are scheduled for an hour at a time and at the convenience of the patient. Because there is no downtime from the procedure, Dr. Basile said almost all of his Coolsculpting patients head back to work or back to other activities such as the gym following their treatments.

Basile Plastic Surgery is one of only three plastic surgery centers offering Coolsculpting in Collier County at this time, and is the first to offer treatments with the brand new Outer Thigh CoolSmooth Applicator.

“The best candidate for Coolsculpting is a healthy man or woman with a stubborn spot or two that is not responding to a healthy lifestyle…” said Dr. Basile. “…who doesn’t want the trouble of going to the operating room, but does want their pooch or love handle gone!”

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Basile has focused his practice on the aesthetic rejuvenation of the face, breast and body. He has earned a national reputation for his exceptional skill, exceptional training and innate artistic eye. The New York City native is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and dedicates a tremendous amount of time to expanding his skills on the latest plastic surgery trends and techniques, which is what led him to adding Coolsculpting to his practice. Dr. Basile said his goal for every patient is to achieve the most beautiful and natural looking results possible.

Basile Plastic Surgery is known for being on the forefront of cosmetic surgery. The mission of the practice is to “help you become more confident and empowered by increasing the satisfaction in your appearance.” Dr. Basile handpicked each member of the staff for their attention to detail, professionalism and desire to improve the quality of life of others. More information about Dr. Basile and Basile Plastic Surgery is available at

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