New ASDS Survey: 9.5 Million Treatments Performed in 2014

Rolling Meadows, Ill. (PRWEB) May 26, 2015

Dermatologic surgeons performed nearly 9.5 million medically necessary and cosmetic procedures in 2014, according to survey results released today by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

With increases in skin cancer treatments and several cosmetic categories, 2014 totals were 21 percent higher than two years ago but remained steady overall compared to 2013 figures.

For the fourth year in a row, skin cancer treatments ranked as the most-performed procedure (3.08 million) by ASDS members – confirming both the growing incidence of the disease as well as member expertise of its treatment.

Dermatologic surgeons in 2014 also performed 6.4 million cosmetic treatments – ranging from injectable wrinkle-relaxers and soft-tissue fillers to laser/light/energy-based procedures and body sculpting.

“Sustained growth in a wide range of procedures performed by ASDS members provides evidence of the public’s recognition that we are the experts in the health, function and beauty of the skin,” said ASDS President George J. Hruza, MD, MBA. “ASDS members are trained in the best techniques and latest technologies to provide patients the top-notch care they deserve.”

Most popular cosmetic procedures

The top cosmetic treatments in 2014 were:

Laser/light/energy-based procedures: 2.06 million
Wrinkle-relaxing injections (such as Botox): 1.75 million
Soft-tissue fillers (such as Juvederm): 1.01 million

Laser hair removal continued to rate among the fastest-growing procedures, registering more than 632,000 in 2014 for a 27 percent jump from last year and 51 percent spike since 2012.

“Consumers interested in laser hair removal treatments have become increasingly aware that the safest, most effective way to achieve their desired outcome is by seeing a board-certified dermatologist,” Hruza said.

ASDS members are experts in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that are reflective of consumer concerns. Respondents to the 2015 ASDS Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures indicated for the third year in a row that excess weight is their top cosmetic concern. Body sculpting treatments including cryolipolysis – commonly known as “fat-freezing” – have surged 53 percent since 2012 to 208,000 in 2014.

More than half of consumers also reported they are bothered by wrinkles around the eyes and on other areas of the face; skin texture and/or discoloration; and sagging skin. Those concerns are successfully addressed with wrinkle-relaxing injections, soft-tissue fillers, a variety of laser/light devices and chemical peels.

Skin cancer still tops list of procedures

As skin cancer rates continue to rise, dermatologic surgeons provide expert diagnosis and treatment while remaining committed to educating the public about prevention methods.

Of the 3.08 million skin cancer procedures performed by ASDS members in 2014, 207,000 were for melanoma, a 9 percent increase over 2013. Treatments for non-melanoma also increased slightly.

ASDS is at the forefront of researching the best treatments for skin cancer. Earlier this month, an ASDS Board-appointed expert group of dermatologic surgeons released the first-ever consensus recommendations for the treatment and management of basal cell carcinoma, the most frequently occurring form of skin cancer.

The ASDS panel agreed that surgical approaches typically provide the best outcomes, with Mohs Micrographic Surgery recommended as the “treatment of choice” – taking into consideration cure rates, recurrence rates, aesthetic and functional outcomes, and cost effectiveness.

“The comprehensive approach ASDS members take toward the management and prevention of skin cancer – from offering patients the most advanced treatment options to promoting sun-safe behavior and screenings – speaks to the collective resolve of our membership,” Hruza said. “A diagnosis of skin cancer can be a frightening time in people’s lives, but patients understand they can count on ASDS members to effectively guide them through the treatment process.”

About the Society’s Procedural Survey Statistics

Data were collected for the 2014 experience and generalized to represent all ASDS members. The survey was conducted Jan. 2 to Feb. 6, 2015, for data reported in 2014. The survey link was sent to 3,980 practicing members. Survey results are reported based on 826 physicians, or a 21 percent response rate.

About ASDS

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery is the largest specialty organization exclusively representing dermatologic surgeons who have unique training and experience to treat the health, function and beauty of your skin. ASDS members are pioneers in the field. Many are involved in the clinical studies that bring popular treatments to revitalize skin and fill and diminish wrinkles to the forefront. Their work has helped create and enhance many of the devices that remove blemishes, hair and fat, and tighten skin. Dermatologic surgeons also are experts in skin cancer prevention, detection and treatment. As the incidence of skin cancer rises, dermatologic surgeons are committed to taking steps to minimize the life-threatening effects of this disease. For more information, visit

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Jay Schwab

Communications Manager

American Society for Dermatologic Surgery



Pollogen to showcase at World Congress of Dermatology their latest non-surgical technologies that provide a new level of facial and body rejuvenation

(PRWEB) June 02, 2015

Pollogen Ltd. will showcase its latest technologies in their booth (1427) at the World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Vancouver, Canada June 9-12. Pollogen proven technologies have set new standards for optimal facial and body contouring, dermal volumizing, wrinkle, scar and cellulite reduction. These new technologies are now found in Pollogen’s latest medical aesthetic devices the Pollogen LEGEND with VoluDerm and the geneO+ with OxyGeneo. Pollogen technologies provide treatments that are non-surgical, results that are immediate and long term, with no discomfort and no downtime.

VoluDerm facial rejuvenation treatment – An optimal combination of fine micro-needles and radio frequency for dermal volumizing, wrinkle reduction, and facial skin contouring with no pain or downtime. A recent study published by Dr. Steven D. Shapiro concluded that VoluDerm treatments demonstrated “significant dermal volume enhancement, reduction of wrinkles including nasolabial folds, perioral and periorbital lines. Improvement of neck skin laxity and skin texture, were manifested by radiant skin, smaller pores and general volume increase”.

OxyGeneo– A new facial technology providing a 3-in-1 Super Facial treatment: exfoliation, infusion, and oxygenation. The OxyGeneo treatment is now offered at select Four Season spas.

Pollogen technologies are clinically proven with over 16 articles in peer reviewed journals and is available in 60+ countries and their technologies are cleared by FDA, CE and Canadian MOH. The Company’s premier brands and technologies include: TriPollar®, OxyGeneo®, Hybrid Energy™, VoluDerm™, TriLipo and TriFractional™

The WCD is the world’s oldest continuous international dermatology meeting where the international community of dermatologists meets to discuss breakthrough technologies that are changing the face of beauty in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, latest findings and leading industry leaders display the most advanced technologies and products.

Pollogen’s CEO, Mr. Amichai Bar-Nir stated: “Pollogen is proud to present its innovative VoluDerm treatment in the 2015 WCD. VoluDerm combines the best aspects of micro-needling and radio frequency in one treatment providing visible results and younger-looking skin. Same as our other Pollogen treatments, it can be done in simple ‘walk in – walk out’ procedures.

About Pollogen

We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to create the most advanced, effective medical aesthetic technologies and solutions.

We believe in thinking differently.

In everything we do, we take a customer-centric approach by making our products user-friendly, safe and convenient. We believe in finding ways to develop technologies that work with the body’s natural mechanisms so beautiful results are generated from within.

Pollogen is the developer and manufacturer of five revolutionary technologies under the industry premier brand names OxyGeneo®, VoluDerm™, Hybrid Energy™, TriPollar®, TriLipo® and TriFractional™. We offer a full line of clinically-proven, safe and effective, non-invasive anti-aging facial and body contouring treatment platforms for a wide range of aesthetic applications. Pollogen provides solutions for professionals in over 60 countries, addressing the specific needs and dynamic changes unique to the ever-evolving aesthetic industry

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Plano, Texas Dentist Mark Sowell, DDS Attends Continuing Education Programs for Cosmetic Dentistry

Plano, TX (PRWEB) May 21, 2015

In April, Dr. Sowell attended a two-day hands-on course in implant dentistry at the Spear Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. The intensive course covered the essentials of treatment planning, placement and restoration of dental implants in both simple and complex implant reconstructions.

“Dental implants are an important component of my dental practice,” said Dr. Sowell. “It is important to stay on the leading edge of implant dentistry by practicing the latest techniques and gaining exposure to the newest materials available.”

Following the dental implant training, Dr. Sowell attended the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s (AACD) 31st Annual Scientific Session, in San Francisco. Dr. Sowell has been an Accredited Member of the AACD since 2002 and is the only accredited cosmetic dentist in Plano, Texas.

“Many patients are surprised to learn that the American Dental Association does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty and that there is no formal training requirement to call oneself a cosmetic dentist. Becoming an accredited member of the AACD was important to me to distinguish myself as an experienced and skillful cosmetic dentist,” said Dr. Sowell.

The AACD is the world’s largest international dental organization dedicated to advancing excellence in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry through responsible esthetics.

The conference featured more than 48 hands-on workshops, 85 lectures, and 100 speakers. Roughly 2,000 dental professionals attended the event, which is geared toward dentists, lab technicians, hygienists, and dental team members to help them refine their skills, learn the latest techniques, and share ideas.

“The courses I’ve completed are extremely intense,” said Dr. Sowell. “Beyond the high level of clinical education offered, these are unique opportunities to spend time with colleagues and gain exposure to the latest materials and techniques in cosmetic and implant dentistry.”

About Dr. Mark Sowell

Dr. Mark Sowell is a general dentist in Plano, Texas, who through a constant pursuit of excellence has undergone rigorous post-graduate training, making him one of the most credentialed dentists in the Dallas Fort Worth region. In addition to being an Accredited Member of the AACD, Dr. Sowell is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry, a Fellow of the International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics and a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology. Dr. Sowell maintains a private practice in Plano, Texas providing patients a complete range of general, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments.

SkinViva Reveal New Results of Sophisticated Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Manchester (PRWEB UK) 28 May 2015

Innovative cosmetic treatment company SkinViva has unveiled dramatic new ‘before and after’ pictures of their non-surgical rhinoplasty. The images show just how sophisticated and surprisingly effective the procedure has become.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is also known as the ‘liquid nose job’ as it uses injectable dermal fillers to reshape the nose, gently blending away bumps, humps and asymmetry by the careful positioning of dermal filler injections.

This makes it a much faster and safer option compared to surgery, which can take up to a year to heal fully and is a serious operation requiring general anaesthetic. Yet despite there being much less downtime from the procedure, lower risk and a faster recovery, the results show dramatic improvement.

SkinViva’s latest before and after photos show how effective non-surgical nose reshaping can be at rebalancing the facial features and creating better harmony. Using long-lasting dermal fillers, a prominent nose with a large bump was adjusted in order to smooth out the humped area for a smoother and straighter contour. The doctor also worked to balance the facial features by improving the whole side profile for a more harmonious silhouette. Following the procedure, the nose which formerly looked too large for the face now fits in a very balanced and more attractive way.

Dr Tim Pearce MB ChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP, Skinviva’s Clinical Director, explains more:

“It looks smaller because I enlarged the chin, and placed a small amount of dermal filler above and below the bump on the nose, and a small amount in the top lip. It is almost unbelievable if you weren’t there!”

“The surgical nose job can transform somebody’s profile, adjusting the balance and harmony of their facial features quite dramatically. However, the non-surgical alternative can achieve surprising results in a fraction of the time and cost with much lower risks and faster recovery. A surgical nose job for this patient would probably have involved breaking the nose, meaning months of uncomfortable recovery. Yet we achieved an excellent aesthetic result in just one session.”

“We would urge anybody contemplating nose job surgery for cosmetic reasons to consider the non-surgical rhinoplasty first; as it is a much safer and less invasive procedure.”

All of SkinViva’s Aesthetic Doctors are now trained in performing the non-surgical rhinoplasty, a treatment which demands high levels of aesthetic appreciation as well as injecting skill and expertise.

As the procedure uses temporary dermal fillers, results won’t last forever. However, with the latest long-lasting filler, results can be expected to last for 2 or more years. When the dermal fillers inevitably do ‘wear off’, the procedure can be repeated and indeed adjusted to suit the individual’s needs, as facial balance does alter with the natural ageing process.

The cost of the treatment is £595 and treatment is available in SkinViva’s network of skin treatment clinic locations across Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and the North West as well as their own flagship clinic in the Castlefield area of Manchester.

All professional skin treatments are carried out by qualified UK-registered doctors. The team is led by fully qualified doctor and Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce MB ChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP, who also established a skin treatments training school, SkinViva Training, in 2013, in order to teach best practice skills and techniques to other medical professionals wishing to develop high standards of cosmetic injection skills and knowledge.

“NJ Top Doc”, Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh is Excited to Offer New Services at his Plastic Surgery Practice

Scotch Plains, NJ (PRWEB) May 28, 2015

New Jersey Plastic Surgeon and “NJ Top Doc”, Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh, specializes in delivering world-class results. With over 30 years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery and a background in art, Dr. Rafizadeh knows what it takes to achieve that natural look. His unique approach to Plastic Surgery involves the principles of proportion, harmony and balance. In addition, his practice delivers a superior level of comfort and personalized care from the moment a patient steps in for their first plastic surgery consultation. Dr. Rafizadeh is especially excited to announce new offerings at his highly regarded plastic surgery practice.

Dr. Rafizadeh is well known for his expertise in cosmetic procedures, specifically for his “Lip Lift” procedure, which brings in patients from all over the country. In addition to his “Lip Lift”, Dr. Rafizadeh is now offering Restylane Silk, which is one of the latest popular fillers used for fine lines and lip enhancement. For other parts of the face and skin, Dr. Rafizadeh is now offering a micro needle procedure, a popular non-invasive skin treatment for acne scarring, fine lines and skin tightening. The doctor is looking forward to introducing Thermi RF to his practice, for non-surgical face and neck lifts.

Dr. Rafizadeh is now able to do consultations online! “Because we are getting so many calls coming in from other states we are excited to offer virtual consultations using Zwivel. Even though this by no means replaces a live consultation, it would allow us to determine if a patient is a good candidate for a procedure so that they can make travel plans”, says Dr. Rafizadeh.

Board certified in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Rafizadeh has been in practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Morristown, New Jersey since 1984. He has been recognized year after year by multiple publications as a “Top Doctor” and “Top Surgeon” in the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan areas.

Presently, Dr. Rafizadeh’s practice is focused on cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts, liposuction and reconstructive breast surgery after mastectomy. He has served as Chairman of Plastic Surgery at Morristown Memorial Hospital for many years, and has witnessed the transformation of Morristown Memorial into one of the most important tertiary care centers in Northern New Jersey. He also holds affiliations at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and Morristown Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Dr. Rafizadeh completed a pre-medical degree at Neuchatel University in Switzerland before graduating with his medical degree from Lausanne School of Medicine in Switzerland. He then came to the US to complete his postgraduate training, including a General Surgery residency at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and Chief Residency at Morristown Memorial Hospital. To further advance his training, Dr. Rafizadeh completed a fellowship in Plastic Surgery at New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center (New York Presbyterian) and Memorial Sloan Kettering Center.

Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh is conveniently located in Morristown, NJ. For more information, please visit Dr. Rafizadeh’s online profile here:

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Zion Health Announces New Forest Rain Ancient Clay Soap With Orchid Essential Oil Available at Anwaar Co. in Brooklyn, NY

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2015

Zion Health ( announces its new Forest Rain Ancient Clay soap now available for sale at Anwaar Co. located on 354 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Zion’s Ancient clay soaps contain no sulfates, no parabens and are formulated for vegan shoppers to enhance skin quality without using animal ingredients.

Soap is the cornerstone of keeping your body clean from bacteria, microbes, and viruses. Zion’s natural soaps are a unique mixture of essential oils and Kanwa clay, providing hydration and minerals to the skin. The Forest Rain soap is formulated to cleanse and purify the skin without drying or irritating. Its featured ingredient – Orchid Essential Oil – moisturizes, boosts skin immunity, reduces fine lines, and soothes. It also has skin–fortifying minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Orchid flowers are known to have a cheerful aroma that boosts mental alertness and reduces fatigue and stress levels simultaneously. ​

Body care products made with clay-based ingredients are growing in popularity as an effective alternative to products made with synthetic chemical ingredients. Clay-based ingredients also provide an environmentally friendly resource for natural cosmetic, skin and body care products. Kanwa clay is a well-known folk medicine remedy for numerous health and skin disorders. According to Michel Abhesera, author of “The Healing Clay,” clay was called “Ee-Wah-Kee,” meaning “The Mud That Heals,” by Native Americans and applied by native cultures on skin to clear acne, eczema and infected wounds.

Zion Health’s Forest Rain Ancient Clay Soap may now be purchased online at and at Anwaar Co. located on 354 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Zion Health, established in 2010, provides its consumers with pure skin and body care products that are 100% vegan, free of parabens and aluminum, and formulated using certified organic ingredients whenever possible. For more information visit their website.

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Dr. Francisco Canales Named To The RealSelf 100 List Of Top Plastic Surgeons

Santa Rosa, California (PRWEB) May 15, 2015

Dr. Francisco Canales, one of the most respected plastic surgeons and medical director of Santa Rosa Plastic Surgery Associates, has been named to the RealSelf 100 list, which honors the best plastic surgeons engaged in social media.

RealSelf bestowed this elite honor to only 100 cosmetic medical professionals in the nation. Those that earn this rare achievement are recognized for being the most influential board-certified aesthetic doctors on social media. These 100 doctors, including Dr. Canales, provide invaluable information and insight for patients looking to make smart choices when it comes to their health and beauty needs.

According to RealSelf, over 50 percent of women planning to undergo a cosmetic procedure conduct extensive research for well over a year in learning more about the procedure and seeking out the right physician to perform it. Dr. Canales is one of the physicians who frequently shares his expert opinion on the RealSelf website and engages with RealSelf users on an almost daily, and at times, hourly basis.

Dr. Canales has devoted a sizable amount of time to engaging with the RealSelf community despite his very hectic schedule. Furthermore, he and the other 99 physicians that made the list have received outstanding feedback from users earning them five-star ratings.

According to Tom Seery, founder and CEO of RealSelf, the 100 doctors that made the list spent more than 3,300 hours sharing answers and insights with the RealSelf community. Founded in 2006, RealSelf boasts the largest online community for sharing information about cosmetic dermatology, dentistry, surgery, and other related treatments. The website features a broad collection of photos, reviews, and doctor Q&A’s. The site welcomed 51 million unique visitors in 2014.

Dr. Canales is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of such prestigious organizations as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the California Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He attended Harvard College where he completed his Bachelors of Arts degree. In 1982, Dr. Canales obtained his medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine, and then went on to complete his plastic surgery residency at Stanford University Hospital. He has earned an impeccable reputation among patients for his personalized service and technical skill.

To learn more about Dr. Canales, please visit

Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa

4625 Quigg Drive

Santa Rosa, CA 95409

(707) 537-2111

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SmarterSkin Dermatology is Now Offering Skin DNA Analysis

(PRWEB) May 27, 2015

SmarterSkin,, is taking skin care customization to a new level with a cutting-edge test that makes it easier for patients to find skin care products that work specifically for their skin type.

Dr. Sejal Shah is a cosmetic dermatologist based in New York and is the first person in NYC to offer the test. This revolutionary DNA test uses 16 genetic markers to evaluate the following 5 categories associated with skin aging:

1. Firmness and elasticity

2. Glycation

3. Sun damage and pigmentation

4. Free Radical Damage

5. Sensitivity and inflammation

The results are used to create a personalized skin care regimen based on the patient’s skin‘s needs and takes the guesswork out of selecting skin care products. This takes skin care customization to a new level and the test takes a few minutes to perform using a simple swab inside the cheek.

“Customized skin care is the future and Skin DNA analysis takes customized skin care to the next level by using your own genes to determine the best ingredients for your skin,” says Dr. Shah.

About SmarterSkin

Sejal K. Shah, M.D. is a board certified dermatologist in private practice in Manhattan. She practices all aspects of dermatology with an expertise in cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Shah utilizes the latest anti-aging treatments and technologies to enhance her patient’s natural beauty.

Dr. Shah graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Alabama. She continued her postgraduate studies at the prestigious Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York where she earned her medical degree. Dr. Shah has published numerous articles and book chapters and presented at several national and international meetings. She is also frequently featured in mainstream media. Dr. Shah is a member of several professional societies including the American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Women’s Dermatologic Society, and the Dermatologic Society of Greater New York.


Twitter: @beautydocnyc

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ProcessPro Named Finalist in the 2015 American Business Awards

St. Cloud, MN (PRWEB) May 14, 2015

The American Business Awards are considered the nation’s preeminent business awards program. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible to submit nominations – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small.

The American Business Awards will be presented at two awards events: the ABA’s traditional banquet on Monday, June 22, 2015 in Chicago, IL and the new product and technology awards event on Friday, September 11, 2015 in San Francisco, CA.

“From all of us at ProcessPro, we’d like to congratulate Danell,” stated Joe Blauert, ProcessPro CEO. “We pride ourselves on providing outstanding support to our clients, and we are pleased that Danell is receiving recognition for her and her team’s effort and service throughout the past year.”

“So many fascinating and inspiring stories of success were submitted to the ABAs this year,” said Stevie Awards president and founder Michael Gallagher. “We congratulate all of our 2015 Finalists on their achievements.”

About ProcessPro

ProcessPro is a leading mid-market ERP software solution for the process manufacturing industry. Designed specifically for manufacturers that combine batches of mixtures, ProcessPro seamlessly integrates all aspects of plant operation, from beginning order entry through manufacturing, packaging, shipping, inventory, and accounting. ProcessPro has been serving the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, cosmetic, and specialty chemical industries for more than 25 years. More information about ProcessPro is available at

About the Stevie Awards

Stevie Awards are conferred in six programs: The American Business Awards, The International Business Awards, the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the German Stevie Awards, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Stevie Awards programs receive more than 10,000 nominations from organizations in more than 60 nations each year. Learn more about the Stevie Awards at

New Non-Prescription, Breakthrough Cold Sore Medicine to Hit U.S. Shelves This Summer

Cherry Hill, NJ (PRWEB) May 26, 2015

The brand new, over-the-counter product was developed in Switzerland and will be available in American retail stores for the first time ever this summer. The topical cold sore treatment forms a protective layer over the cold sore, stopping the spread of the virus. Zzip immediately relieves pain and halts itching.

ZZIP USA is proud to announce that ZZIP® Cold Sore medication will be available to the American consumer for the first time this summer. Zzip’s unique, proprietary and patented blend of natural and synthetic ingredients will extend to the U.S. what Europeans began discovering back in 2014. Zzip was developed and engineered in Switzerland by ZZIP AG amongst the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps. That particular region has a long and noted history for products designed with a keen attention to detail and superior ingredients. The Zzip proprietary and patented formula combines active ingredients Dimethicone, Menthol and Allantoin; along with inactive Alpine Rose extract, among other ingredients.

One cold sore sufferer says: “I have hit the lottery in finding Zzip.” Others say Zzip is unlike anything else they have tried: “Zzip quickly relieved the pain, halted itching and the result was indisputable.” Testimonials include people who have suffered 50 or more years of treating recurring cold sores. They say the product had truly unique attributes in immediate and sustained pain relief. You can hear Tom’s story here.

“In 25 years of creating and marketing a wide variety of supplements, cosmetics and other treatments that address ailments of the human condition,” says OTC Pharma CEO, Mario Oldani, “I have never been associated with a product that I believed has so much organic competitive advantages over the other offerings it competes against.”

Introducing the product in the two countries he calls home, Mario’s assessment proved true as the product quickly shot to the #2 bestselling item in the cold sore treatment/ lip care segment in both Switzerland and the Netherlands. After seeing the success of Zzip in Switzerland and the Netherlands, Boot’s, the U.K.’s largest Drug Store Chain, began carrying Zzip in February. Boot’s is owned by Illinois-based Walgreen’s.

“I remember where I was when I heard the news,” stated Martin Uniacke, VP of Sales of ZZIP USA, the American company that is the Exclusive importer of Zzip. “We were in Las Vegas at a pharmacy sales event focused on the Cough and Cold Category where we were making 80 presentations to many of the biggest mass, chain drug and grocery retailers and their distributors, when were told. A cut-in entry, that is to say an accelerated move to put a product on the shelves in one of the largest retail operations in their home market in Europe was a great show of acceptance and eagerness to want to carry the product.”

Uniacke looks ahead to future events. “We attended the ECRM show for the Cough and Cold Category in February in Hendersonville, NV near Las Vegas. We were well received by Walgreen’s, CVS, H.E.B., KMart, Smith Drug and SuperValu, as well as several major distributors and a host of regional independent pharmacies from across the country, many of whom we are following up with now,” says Uniacke.

“My decision to invest my time, energy and money into new endeavors are based on whether or not the initiative meets my ‘doing good and doing well’ litmus test. In the case of becoming the exclusive US importer of Zzip, the product surpassed my criteria,” says Garnick, CEO and Founder of GG Advisors, LLC dba ZZIP USA. “Millions of Americans suffer needlessly from cold sore breakouts due to the insidious HSV1 Virus. Most people don’t realize that an innocent kiss from Grandmom might have transmitted this incurable virus during ones childhood. Zzip’s unique blend of ingredients engineered by a skilled team of doctors and scientists in Switzerland, is an OTC Medicine that we know will help the millions of people who’ve given up on the current available remedies. The products available today simply have proven ineffective for a vast amount of cold sore suffers. We know if cold sore sufferers give Zzip a try that they, like so many Europeans already have experienced who have been using this non-prescription breakthrough medicine since late 2014, will finally get the relief from the painful, embarrassing and untimely cold sores that so many have been struggling with for too long.”

Zzip will be available to American consumers through Amazon in August. In addition, mainstream and local pharmacies across the country will soon carry Zzip, including Hi-School Pharmacy in the Pacific Northwest.

Inquires may contact: Robyn Stevens prmedia(at)live(dot)com 856-885-0913