New Non-Prescription, Breakthrough Cold Sore Medicine to Hit U.S. Shelves This Summer

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Cherry Hill, NJ (PRWEB) May 26, 2015

The brand new, over-the-counter product was developed in Switzerland and will be available in American retail stores for the first time ever this summer. The topical cold sore treatment forms a protective layer over the cold sore, stopping the spread of the virus. Zzip immediately relieves pain and halts itching.

ZZIP USA is proud to announce that ZZIP® Cold Sore medication will be available to the American consumer for the first time this summer. Zzip’s unique, proprietary and patented blend of natural and synthetic ingredients will extend to the U.S. what Europeans began discovering back in 2014. Zzip was developed and engineered in Switzerland by ZZIP AG amongst the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps. That particular region has a long and noted history for products designed with a keen attention to detail and superior ingredients. The Zzip proprietary and patented formula combines active ingredients Dimethicone, Menthol and Allantoin; along with inactive Alpine Rose extract, among other ingredients.

One cold sore sufferer says: “I have hit the lottery in finding Zzip.” Others say Zzip is unlike anything else they have tried: “Zzip quickly relieved the pain, halted itching and the result was indisputable.” Testimonials include people who have suffered 50 or more years of treating recurring cold sores. They say the product had truly unique attributes in immediate and sustained pain relief. You can hear Tom’s story here.

“In 25 years of creating and marketing a wide variety of supplements, cosmetics and other treatments that address ailments of the human condition,” says OTC Pharma CEO, Mario Oldani, “I have never been associated with a product that I believed has so much organic competitive advantages over the other offerings it competes against.”

Introducing the product in the two countries he calls home, Mario’s assessment proved true as the product quickly shot to the #2 bestselling item in the cold sore treatment/ lip care segment in both Switzerland and the Netherlands. After seeing the success of Zzip in Switzerland and the Netherlands, Boot’s, the U.K.’s largest Drug Store Chain, began carrying Zzip in February. Boot’s is owned by Illinois-based Walgreen’s.

“I remember where I was when I heard the news,” stated Martin Uniacke, VP of Sales of ZZIP USA, the American company that is the Exclusive importer of Zzip. “We were in Las Vegas at a pharmacy sales event focused on the Cough and Cold Category where we were making 80 presentations to many of the biggest mass, chain drug and grocery retailers and their distributors, when were told. A cut-in entry, that is to say an accelerated move to put a product on the shelves in one of the largest retail operations in their home market in Europe was a great show of acceptance and eagerness to want to carry the product.”

Uniacke looks ahead to future events. “We attended the ECRM show for the Cough and Cold Category in February in Hendersonville, NV near Las Vegas. We were well received by Walgreen’s, CVS, H.E.B., KMart, Smith Drug and SuperValu, as well as several major distributors and a host of regional independent pharmacies from across the country, many of whom we are following up with now,” says Uniacke.

“My decision to invest my time, energy and money into new endeavors are based on whether or not the initiative meets my ‘doing good and doing well’ litmus test. In the case of becoming the exclusive US importer of Zzip, the product surpassed my criteria,” says Garnick, CEO and Founder of GG Advisors, LLC dba ZZIP USA. “Millions of Americans suffer needlessly from cold sore breakouts due to the insidious HSV1 Virus. Most people don’t realize that an innocent kiss from Grandmom might have transmitted this incurable virus during ones childhood. Zzip’s unique blend of ingredients engineered by a skilled team of doctors and scientists in Switzerland, is an OTC Medicine that we know will help the millions of people who’ve given up on the current available remedies. The products available today simply have proven ineffective for a vast amount of cold sore suffers. We know if cold sore sufferers give Zzip a try that they, like so many Europeans already have experienced who have been using this non-prescription breakthrough medicine since late 2014, will finally get the relief from the painful, embarrassing and untimely cold sores that so many have been struggling with for too long.”

Zzip will be available to American consumers through Amazon in August. In addition, mainstream and local pharmacies across the country will soon carry Zzip, including Hi-School Pharmacy in the Pacific Northwest.

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Dr Barbara Kubicka Announces Innovative Treatments for Summer Skin Problems

Saturday, July 4th, 2015

London (PRWEB UK) 22 May 2015

Leading London Aesthetic Physician, Dr Barbara Kubicka MD at ClinicBe, announces innovative skin treatments for dealing with summer skin problems, helping patients to look better and feel more confident in their appearance too.

As the early summers starts to unfold, many clients are caught out by the change in seasons and delayering of clothing, which can trigger or expose new or forgotten skin problems. Dr Barbara Kubicka MD , CIME/ICAM, MBCAM, the Aesthetic Physician behind ClinicBe (London) explains:

“The influence of the weather on the appearance of the skin is immense in the UK, where the climate changes radically between the seasons, bringing changes in humidity and UV exposure as well as temperature. The weather pattern is inconsistent – hot one day, cold and rainy the next – and this can all take its toll on the skin. Yet as the summer progresses, people naturally want to bare their skin more and are concerned about the appearance of any problems or issues.”

“Innovative use of modern aesthetic medicine offers new options for treating summer skin problems, helping patients to look good and feel confident in the warmer months.”

The first suggestion on Dr Kubicka’s list is treatment to stop the ageing appearance of lines around the eyes and on the forehead which naturally happens as people squint in brighter sunshine. Dr Kubicka says:

“It’s a problem that many patients mention in the summer months, as they feel more aware of the lines and wrinkles that are developing and concerned about them getting worse with the involuntary facial movements caused by bright sun light. Cosmetic injections are an excellent solution to this problem. The idea isn’t to stop the squinting movement itself, which is the body’s natural defence to protect the eyes. Rather the objective is to relax the associated movements which cause lines to appear, which has the longer term benefit of impairing the repeated movements which can cause the lines to get worse.”

A second suggestion is to manage the natural problem of sweating, which some people find more difficult to manage than others. The condition of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis affects a great many people, causing uncomfortable and visible levels of sweat, which can appear as damp patches on clothing and might even have an odour.

Dr Barbara Kubicka explains:

“In a work environment or for a big social occasion, hyperhidrosis can be very embarrassing and difficult, as stressful situations make it even more obvious. Hyperhidrosis injections are now much better known and a very popular option among men and women from all walks of life. They are a non-invasive option which will simply dry up the sweat for months at a time.”

Finally, Dr Kubicka suggests an innovative solution to the problem of hard, dry and cracked foot skin, which is uncomfortable as well as unsightly when exposed with bare feet. Taking the idea of handheld exfoliating devices a step further, Dr Kubicka offers a chemical peel to break down the outer layers of hard dead skin, kick-starting a peeling process which then encourages new skin cells to form. This treatment can be very helpful in recovering healthier skin for the feet.

Dr Kubicka concludes:

“As an aesthetic professional, I find this industry incredibly exciting. We are constantly finding more uses for the techniques and treatments which enable us to treat more conditions, helping our patients to look good and feel good too.”

ClinicBe® is conveniently situated on the border of Belgravia/Knightsbridge and is popular with patients living or working in the West London area, including Chelsea, Kensington and Mayfair although patients also travel from across the UK and even overseas to visit Dr Kubicka. The clinic offers an extensive range of cosmetic, cosmetology and medical skin treatments.

Dr Barbara Kubicka MD, CIME/ICAM, MBCAM leads the clinic as a fully qualified doctor, registered with the GMC and with additional qualifications in aesthetic treatments from the world-renowned College de International de Medicine Esthetique in Paris. She is renowned for her integrated, holistic approach to skin and healthcare as well as her innovative approach to skin treatments including her creation of a number of exclusive treatments.

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