SkinViva Reveal New Results of Sophisticated Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

Manchester (PRWEB UK) 28 May 2015

Innovative cosmetic treatment company SkinViva has unveiled dramatic new ‘before and after’ pictures of their non-surgical rhinoplasty. The images show just how sophisticated and surprisingly effective the procedure has become.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is also known as the ‘liquid nose job’ as it uses injectable dermal fillers to reshape the nose, gently blending away bumps, humps and asymmetry by the careful positioning of dermal filler injections.

This makes it a much faster and safer option compared to surgery, which can take up to a year to heal fully and is a serious operation requiring general anaesthetic. Yet despite there being much less downtime from the procedure, lower risk and a faster recovery, the results show dramatic improvement.

SkinViva’s latest before and after photos show how effective non-surgical nose reshaping can be at rebalancing the facial features and creating better harmony. Using long-lasting dermal fillers, a prominent nose with a large bump was adjusted in order to smooth out the humped area for a smoother and straighter contour. The doctor also worked to balance the facial features by improving the whole side profile for a more harmonious silhouette. Following the procedure, the nose which formerly looked too large for the face now fits in a very balanced and more attractive way.

Dr Tim Pearce MB ChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP, Skinviva’s Clinical Director, explains more:

“It looks smaller because I enlarged the chin, and placed a small amount of dermal filler above and below the bump on the nose, and a small amount in the top lip. It is almost unbelievable if you weren’t there!”

“The surgical nose job can transform somebody’s profile, adjusting the balance and harmony of their facial features quite dramatically. However, the non-surgical alternative can achieve surprising results in a fraction of the time and cost with much lower risks and faster recovery. A surgical nose job for this patient would probably have involved breaking the nose, meaning months of uncomfortable recovery. Yet we achieved an excellent aesthetic result in just one session.”

“We would urge anybody contemplating nose job surgery for cosmetic reasons to consider the non-surgical rhinoplasty first; as it is a much safer and less invasive procedure.”

All of SkinViva’s Aesthetic Doctors are now trained in performing the non-surgical rhinoplasty, a treatment which demands high levels of aesthetic appreciation as well as injecting skill and expertise.

As the procedure uses temporary dermal fillers, results won’t last forever. However, with the latest long-lasting filler, results can be expected to last for 2 or more years. When the dermal fillers inevitably do ‘wear off’, the procedure can be repeated and indeed adjusted to suit the individual’s needs, as facial balance does alter with the natural ageing process.

The cost of the treatment is £595 and treatment is available in SkinViva’s network of skin treatment clinic locations across Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and the North West as well as their own flagship clinic in the Castlefield area of Manchester.

All professional skin treatments are carried out by qualified UK-registered doctors. The team is led by fully qualified doctor and Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce MB ChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP, who also established a skin treatments training school, SkinViva Training, in 2013, in order to teach best practice skills and techniques to other medical professionals wishing to develop high standards of cosmetic injection skills and knowledge.