Ferguson 1000 Jobs Partners with the Ferguson business community to protect businesses from vandalism while enabling visibility

Ferguson, MO (PRWEB) December 01, 2014

Ferguson 1000 Jobs – an organization with a mission to create one thousand jobs for St. Louis county residents, especially those in Ferguson – has decided to give an early Thanksgiving gift to Ferguson businesses, to not only grow jobs, but to sustain the ones in the community. Prior to the verdict reading of Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Mike Brown, many businesses prepared for riots by boarding up their windows and doors with plywood.

Even though this method is useful in stopping bricks being thrown through glass, the boarded up businesses left an abandon feeling throughout the city of Ferguson.

Ferguson 1000 Jobs CEO Dave Spence, who has been in the plastics business for 20 plus years has decided to offer the businesses a cosmetic solution while sending a message of strength and unity to the criminal opportunist.

“At Ferguson 1000 Jobs, our goal is to create 1000 Jobs, but we want to help sustain the businesses that are already serving the community.” said Spence. “By donating these sheets of plastic it allows the businesses and customers to see inside the stores.”

This message will be that businesses in Ferguson are “open for business”.

After word of no charges being filed against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, several businesses were looted and set afire. Although many businesses survived the attacks, the images left behind look much like a war zone. The plastics initiative is not only to assist in the safety of the remaining businesses standing but it’s an attempt to revitalize the community cosmetically while inspiring hope and resilience to the business owners and residences that Ferguson shall overcome.

Dave Spence will meet with the city of Ferguson today to distribute the plastics to the area businesses. The city of Ferguson has a system to get the information out to the business community.

“As a businessman in this community for years, it is my goal to assist in many ways in the healing and growth of our community through small business owners,” said Spence.

About Ferguson 1000 Jobs

Ferguson 1000 Jobs aims to bring together some of the St. Louis area’s largest employers to give county residents – especially those in Ferguson – job training, business development, and employment opportunities. The organization was founded by businessman and former gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence.


Contact: Kimberly St. Clair


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