HelloLife Announces Release of Stressivin

(PRWEB) February 23, 2012

In October 2011, HelloLife released Stressivin, a new formula that can help relieve stress while supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Stressivin is an FDA-registered OTC medicine that is a safe option for relieving nervous tension, minor anxieties, fearfulness, oversensitivity, and other stress related symptoms.

“Whether we are talking about work or raising a family, stress is an everyday part of life,” said CEO and President Albert Duoibes. “Stressivin provides a safe stress relief option to those looking for an alternative to current medications, or are looking to integrate with said medications.”

“Stress gets to us all, even me,” said Duoibes, laughing. “Stressivin can really help to make those days that seem impossible, a little more feasible.”

HelloLife, LLC is an Applied Life Science and Technology company doing business in the fields of health and wellness. The company operates under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). These are strict, federal manufacturing processes of products for human consumption, such as drugs, dietary supplements and food. GMP standards allow total documentation of all processes, from production to distribution ensuring consistency and high quality. HelloLife Relieve products are intended for relief of self-limiting conditions. Chronic or severe symptoms should be reviewed by a trained medical professional.

HelloLife is committed to providing safe relief, nutritional support and education for healthy lifestyle choices. Its headquarters are located at 4460 – 44th St. SE, Ste. C 600, Grand Rapids, MI, 49512. Our products are available to consumers via retailers, health care professionals and direct mail. For more information about the company or our products, visit our website at: http://www.hellolife.net.

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