Homeopathic System for Super Lice Praised by Parents Nationwide

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 08, 2011

Advanced Natural Solutions Inc. announced the release of an updated formula called Clearlice®, that is designed to destroy “Super Lice” strains that impact millions of homes in the United States. Many lice strains have grown resistant to traditional treatment methods, making it difficult to eliminate lice from the body and home. Clearlice® is a four step homeopathic system, and many Clearlice® customers are reporting to the company 100% success with the system.

The Clearlice® brand was founded by Shecter in 2008 after he dealt with a lice infestation in his own home. After trying home remedies and other OTC and prescription treatments with no success, the Shecter’s sought help from a family friend who was a chemist.

Since most of the available head lice treatments used chemicals that caused irritations and burning sensations on his son’s scalp, Shecter was determined to find only natural, safe ingredients that would solve the problem. One of the primary prescription alternatives, contained Lindane, which is already banned in agriculture due to concerns of its effect on human health and the environment.

After thorough research and a series of successful in house tests at an FDA registered lab, the initial formula was created, and then tested on his son.

“We couldn’t believe it! After everything we went through to get rid of the lice, the lice finally fell dead out of his hair, and into the sink! It was a miracle!”, Shecter recalls.”

Shecter tested the product by giving it to friends who fell victim to the local lice outbreak, and received feedback that it was working. After the ordeal, the Shecter family decided to take steps to produce the formula on a larger scale and release it to the public for them to try as well.

According to Clearlice® founder, Howard Shecter, “Our formula is unique, because it is designed to break down the exoskeletons of the lice and nits, allowing our formula to finish the job of eliminating the lice. The formula uses ingredients that mimic the natural molting process of the lice, which keeps the lice from growing resistant to our system.”

Shecter points out, “We work very hard to ensure we abide by all regulations and rules pertaining to the production and sale of homeopathic formulas. We have tested our products in an FDA registered facility, and our shampoo is registered by the FDA as a homeopathic formula. For the public’s benefit, we have added detailed information regarding use of our product, potential risks, possible outcomes, and information discussing homeopathic products right on our website.”

Since the company inception in 2008, thousands of our shampoo kits have been sold via the company’s website. Shecter reports they receive emails almost every day from amazed parents, singing their praises.

One customer Tracy wrote Clearlice® this summer, “I just want to personally say that Clearlice saved our household from insanity and I am probably the most skeptical person to buy anything over the internet.”

Another wrote in, “We have continued to check heads regularly and have not found a single live bug since shampooing with Clearlice.”

Shecter concludes, “The story is always nearly the same. Our customers try Rid®, Nix®, home folk remedies like olive oil and mayonnaise, but nothing works. In desperation they continue to search and finally give our products a try, and report back there is no more lice.”

About Clearlice®

Clearlice® is not FDA approved as a pharmaceutical medication. It is one of the few lice shampoos that is FDA registered as a homeopathic product. To learn more about the risks and possible outcomes associated with use of Clearlice®, please visit the company website.


ABBE Laboratories now offers an Acne Treatment System for Problem Skin by End-Zit

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Farmingdale, NY (PRWEB) March 28, 2012

This acne treatment line is made up of five products that target problem skin and prevent future breakouts.

End-Zit® Acne Control Drying Lotion: (Light/Medium Tint, Medium/Dark Tint, Sun Bronze Tint, And Untinted (White))

End-Zit® is intended for use on blemishes only. This advanced formulation is designed to dry and aid in elimination of pimples. It is make-up quality for excellent coverage of the blemish. It is unbelievably effective, medicinally eliminating pimples. May be used under make-up or alone.

End-Zit Acne Control Drying Lotion

End-Zit® Blemish Control Cleanser: Designed to help control and eliminate pimples and oily skin, this wonderful cleanser begins your daily acne-clearing regimen. A gentle, most effective, non-oily cleansing wash to remove excess oils, grime, and impurities from the skin. Leaves the face sparkling clean with no greasy feel, maintains proper pH without stripping it of necessary oils and moisture. Remoisturizes with pure glycerin, absorbs excess oil with titanium dioxide. Citric acid helps maintain natural skin pH, while glycereth-7-coconate re-fats the skin creating just the right texture necessary for a healthy, vigorous complexion. Contains no dulling soap that leaves murky film on the skin! Contains salicylic acid, a gentle beta-hydroxy acid exfolliant, to help purify and detoxify the skin.

End-Zit Blemish Control Cleanser

End-Zit® Blemish Control Toner: A unique, mild, refreshing, clarifying and fragrance-free product. End-Zit® Blemish Control Toner contains plant extracts and alpha-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate, soothe, and rejuvenate skin. All active ingredients are natural and beneficial to the skin. Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) has been used for centuries as a mild astringent and skin conditioner. Kola Nut Extract is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant. Chamomile Extract is known universally as a calming, soothing herb. A special, naturally derived complex of alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic, malic, and tartaric) complete the activity of this wonderful toner. Salicylic Acid, a gentle beta-hydroxy acid, aids the exfoliation process, while purifying and detoxifying the skin.

End-Zit Blemish Control Toner

End-Zit® Blemish Control Moisturizer: Designed to complement the END-ZIT® Blemish Control System, this all-natural, paraben-free, non-comadogenic oil-free moisturizer, is composed of an Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acid Complex, (Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Tartaric, and Citric Acids), Botanicals, and the wonder moisture ingredient, Red Marine Algae, which is a vitamin and mineral rich Seaweed. Also contains the Anti-oxidants, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and Japanese Green Tea Extract.

End-Zit Blemish Control Moisturizer

End-Zit® Acne Control Mask: A therapeutic, sulfur based mask specially designed for oily, problem skin and clogged pores on the face and body. In addition to reducing the appearance of acne on the face, End-Zit® Acne Control Mask is an excellent treatment for problem areas on the back, chest & shoulders. This mask can also be used as a nighttime spot treatment on the face. End-Zit® Acne Control Mask actively removes dirt, oil, and dead skin cell accumulations from the surface of the skin. Dries and absorbs excess oils while aiding in maintaining the proper moisture balance and pH of the skin. Contains red-marine algae, a type of seaweed found only off the coast of Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands. This seaweed is composed of many essential minerals, vitamins, and moisture carrying ingredients that are most beneficial for all skin types. This treatment is done once or twice per week only.

End-Zit Acne Control Mask

About: ABBE Laboratories , the manufacturer of the End-Zit® family of products, is an FDA-registered, cGMP-compliant manufacturer of Private Label, OTC and cosmeceutical skin care formulations. Servicing Spas, Medical Offices and marketers. Paraben-Free formulations. Actives include Peptides, Vitamins, AHA’s, Retinols, Anti-Oxidants, etc. ABBE manufactures Creams, Lotions, Serums, Gels. Small to medium runs filled in Tubes, Bottles & Jars. Your formula or ours. Contact us today 1-800-457-0990, e-mail info(at)abbelabs(dot)com, ABBE Laboratories, Inc.

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New to the Market: Masonry Staining Experts Unveil DIY Color System for Concrete Pavers Inexpensive, Long-Lasting Color from the Masters of Masonry Staining

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

South Bend, IN (PRWEB) November 03, 2014

Rick Conner, President of Masonry Cosmetics, Inc., announced today that his firm’s long-awaited system for renewing or changing the color of concrete pavers is now available to the public. “What we’ve done for vertical walls for decades, we are now proud to do for the concrete pavers that are so popular for driveways and patios,” he said.

“Concrete pavers are a great-looking addition to home landscaping, but they tend to lose their color in a short period of time. We believe we’ve solved the problem,” said Conner. The new solution was formally announced to the world at the 2014 Hardscape North America show in Louisville, Kentucky on October 22nd and will also be at the 2015 World of Concrete exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada February 2 thru 6, 2015.

Masonry Cosmetics, Inc., which excited the masonry industry recently with the publication and distribution of “Still the Best,” its unique listing of 50 staining projects that have lasted 10, 15, 20 or more years without fading, peeling or cracking, has been developing and fine tuning this new system for concrete pavers for years. “We are now ready to release our unique DIY system,” said Conner.

Don “Brickman” Foster, Masonry Cosmetics Vice-President, explained further. “Pavers take a beating, but our new stain system bonds well with the surface and will last longer than the original colors applied in the factory.” He added that the system is easy-to-use, dries in a few hours, is inexpensive compared to replacing old pavers and landscaping remains intact. “Most importantly, we can create any one of hundreds of custom colors, so let your imagination run wild,” continues Brickman. MCI recently launched a new website, http://www.RestorePaverColor.com to promote this system.

About Masonry Cosmetics

Masonry Cosmetics Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of a proprietary masonry staining process that permanently bonds with any porous masonry product including brick, block, and mortar, natural and manufactured stone. MCI provides staining services and also offers a full line of masonry staining kits sold throughout the United States and Internationally. Additional details about the company and its masonry staining technology is available at http://www.MasonryCosmetics.com.

Contact:    Don Foster, Vice President

Address:    1625 Miami Street, South Bend, IN 46613

Phone: (888) 698-8705

Email: brickmen(at)gmail(dot)com