New to the Market: Masonry Staining Experts Unveil DIY Color System for Concrete Pavers Inexpensive, Long-Lasting Color from the Masters of Masonry Staining

South Bend, IN (PRWEB) November 03, 2014

Rick Conner, President of Masonry Cosmetics, Inc., announced today that his firm’s long-awaited system for renewing or changing the color of concrete pavers is now available to the public. “What we’ve done for vertical walls for decades, we are now proud to do for the concrete pavers that are so popular for driveways and patios,” he said.

“Concrete pavers are a great-looking addition to home landscaping, but they tend to lose their color in a short period of time. We believe we’ve solved the problem,” said Conner. The new solution was formally announced to the world at the 2014 Hardscape North America show in Louisville, Kentucky on October 22nd and will also be at the 2015 World of Concrete exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada February 2 thru 6, 2015.

Masonry Cosmetics, Inc., which excited the masonry industry recently with the publication and distribution of “Still the Best,” its unique listing of 50 staining projects that have lasted 10, 15, 20 or more years without fading, peeling or cracking, has been developing and fine tuning this new system for concrete pavers for years. “We are now ready to release our unique DIY system,” said Conner.

Don “Brickman” Foster, Masonry Cosmetics Vice-President, explained further. “Pavers take a beating, but our new stain system bonds well with the surface and will last longer than the original colors applied in the factory.” He added that the system is easy-to-use, dries in a few hours, is inexpensive compared to replacing old pavers and landscaping remains intact. “Most importantly, we can create any one of hundreds of custom colors, so let your imagination run wild,” continues Brickman. MCI recently launched a new website, to promote this system.

About Masonry Cosmetics

Masonry Cosmetics Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of a proprietary masonry staining process that permanently bonds with any porous masonry product including brick, block, and mortar, natural and manufactured stone. MCI provides staining services and also offers a full line of masonry staining kits sold throughout the United States and Internationally. Additional details about the company and its masonry staining technology is available at

Contact:    Don Foster, Vice President

Address:    1625 Miami Street, South Bend, IN 46613

Phone: (888) 698-8705

Email: brickmen(at)gmail(dot)com

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